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We respect various traditions and anniversaries as they occur. For example, as a mark of respect to comrades in arms the Club lights are dimed at 7.00 pm every night and the RSL Ode is recited to all in attendance. During the Ode all in the Club are expected to stand in silence and face the Club’s symbol of the eternal flame. No other activity continues in the Club during the reciting of the Ode.

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Frank McGreevy was the founder of the Goodna RSL, which originally stood on the ground which now stands the Frank McGreevy Function Centre. The original building on this site was the Railway Hotel, which looked similar to the Royal Mail down the road. The liquor licence was transferred to the Weeroona Hotel in the early 1960’s, and the Railway Hotel was demolished and another building erected in it’s place. After some time, this then became the Goodna RSL, until recent years when they erected a new building adjacent to the Goodna Railway Station. The old RSL was then demolished and the function centre consequently built.

Frank McGreevy was a decorated soldier in World War 2, and after the war worked as a nurse in the Repatriation Section of Wolston Park Hospital – now known as The Park – Centre for Mental Health.

Franks picture is painted on the sound barrier near the Henry Ellerton Bridge – Ipswich bound service road, (near Bertha Street intersection), along with many other service personnel.

During the flooding event of January 2011, Goodna Services Club Inc was inundated by flood waters, completely destroying all assets of the club with only the shell of the original building remaining. In the absence of appropriate flood insurance, DWS was commissioned to produce a funding memorandum and to acquire a finance offer to the value of $6.4 million including redevelopment and equipment finance.

DWS secured a complete funding offer for the redevelopment of the club and equipment facilities as well as being successful in the acquisition of $75,000 in grant funding and $600,000 in low interest loan assistance from the Queensland government. Construction commenced in January 2012 and the club reopened their doors in July 2013 to the club we have today.


32 Woogaroo Street,
Goodna, Qld 4300

Phone 07 3288 3916

Trading Hours

7 days 10am - 4am
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday. Gaming room, Keno and TAB open from 1:00pm Anzac Day

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